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Dilapidation Reports

The experience to know where to look!

It’s unfortunate, but in an increasingly litigious Australia, the mere sight of your builder’s sign on a site can provoke unwarranted and even fraudulent claims for damages.

iCheck’s expert, fully insured inspectors provide reports covering large and medium scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects to builders whose developments may be seen to affect adjoining sites and asset

Property Damage

An iCheck Dilapidation Report is a smart way to protect your interests before building works commence.

The dilapidation report is a report on the condition of a property at a given point in time. It records any existing damage, and the state of any particular aspects of the property that are likely to be affected by construction work, excavation or demolition. Then if a damage claim arises from an adjacent property owner in relation to your work you will have expert, independent evidence to support your position.

Our Reports

These reports are often carried out on nearby properties before work begins, and after it’s finished. Comparing the two reports offers a clear picture of any damage that might have occurred as a result of building, excavation or demolition work.

A qualified iCheck Inspector will inspect the building and the surrounding area and provide a comprehensive report that includes a photographic record of any evidence, pre-existing defects. Our comprehensive reports are completed to a  standard accepted by builders, architects and councils

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wall cracks

We provide a comprehensive report that includes a

photographic record of any evidence, pre-existing defects.

Dilapidation Reports

Protect yourself in the event of any future claim

Are used by a range of high-profile civil and commercial construction companies to protect their interests.

Accurately assess residential and commercial buildings, civil infrastructure, street assets and council assets.


Giving you peace of mind.

Independent Experts

All reports are prepared by building experts.

Fast Reporting

Our technology delivers instant real-time reporting.

Simple Format

Our reports are easy to read and simple to understand.


Reports can be performed before or after construction.

If a dilapidation report is not undertaken then it is difficult to verify damage that may have occurred during construction of the adjoining property.

This often leads to frustration in a claim for damages.

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