Asbestos sheet roof

Asbestos sheet roof

Asbestos sheet Asbestos sheet

Heres what an asbestos roof sheet looks like. Characterised by large profile corrugations, and a woven material like appearance. Always be sure not to disturb, and you need to be aware of its existence. We found this at a recent job in Geelong. Asbestos has not been used in domestic building materials since the 1980s but it was not until 31 December, 2003 that asbestos and all products containing asbestos were banned throughout Australia.

How can I tell if it is asbestos?

It is very difficult to identify the presence of asbestos just by looking at it. As a general rule, certain building materials installed before the late 1980s may contain asbestos. However, the only way to be certain is to have a sample of the material analysed by a laboratory.

Contact the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for an analytical laboratory in your area that is accredited to identify asbestos on 03 9329 1633 or by visiting

Confirmation should be carried out before any general maintenance, renovation or demolition activities proceed.

If you do not want to go to the expense of testing to determine if asbestos is present, then the material should be treated as though it contains asbestos.

Places you might find asbestos in your homeAsbestos in the House



Bathroom, toilet and laundry Asbestos cement sheeting used in walls, ceilings and floors
Hot water pipes set into masonry walls
Lagging on hot water pipes
Living areas Insulation in wood heaters
Asbestos cement sheeting beneath heater hearths
Kitchen Vinyl floor tiles
Backing to cushion vinyl flooring
Hot water pipes set into masonry walls
Exterior Flat, patterned and corrugated wall and roof sheeting
Imitation brick cladding
Lining under eaves
Backyard Garden sheds
Garages and carports
Dog kennels
Vehicles Brake linings
Clutch linings
Adhesive products
Commercial or industrial buildings Coating sprayed on beams for fireproofing
Wrap on pipes and boilers
Sheeting in roofs and walls
Other Electrical meter boards
Ironing board covers
Heatproof mats

Trade names applied to asbestos cement products

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Below is a list of trade names for James Hardie & Co. Pty Ltd. asbestos products in Australia and the approximate year when they stopped being manufactured with asbestos fibre. Asbestos was slowly phased out and around these dates some products manufactured may have contained 3-5% asbestos. [11]

– Hardiflex 1981
– Hardiplank 1981
– Villaboard 1981
– Versilux 1982
– Harditherm 1984
– Compressed 1984
– Drain Pipe 1984
– Super Six 1985
– Highline 1985
– Shadowline 1985
– Coverline 1985
– Roofing Accessories 1985
– Pressure Pipe 1987