Top 9 Building Inspection Checklist

  • Building Inspection Checklist

    The Top Ten Things You Need To Know

Building Inspections Checklist

Top 9 things you need to know before you buy your property.

1. Obtain an easy to understand thorough report with photos


What good is a report if you can’t understand the items being described. We all know a picture is worth 1000 words. Pictures support narratives to ensure clear concise easy to understand descriptions. Comprehensive reports should be expected from both the building inspector and the pest Inspector. Be comfortable with your purchase. Don’t accept a verbal report as no insurance company will support a nil documentation report.

In other words, you may as well not had it done.

2. Beware of part-time operators.

Look for inspectors with substantial industry experience and beware of people who only work part-time in the industry. Persons that carry out inspections “on the side” usually don t have the thorough methodology and note-taking expertise to deliver a comprehensive easy to read report.

Do they know what to look for and how to convey what they have found effective, to you, the purchaser?

3. Avoid gimmicks.Avoid people saying they have the latest and greatest secret “widget”. They are just trying to get your attention deceitfully. Amazing software, amazing claims, amazing dogs. Nothing beats the human eye! Most instruments are after the fact. Meaning you need to find or suspect something first then use the instrument to confirm. The software is not intelligent, operators need to be. Software or gadgets will NOT uncover anything. Experienced, inspectors need to know what they are looking for.

For example, I have conducted an inspection after another inspection firm came in with a dog. They detected nothing, yet as soon as I opened the subfloor door, we found an undetected termite trail right in front of our noses. Gimmick? Most dogs are under 800mm high. What happens in the termites are in the roof? Our eyes and experience are our greatest asset.

4. Honest Inspectors Is a referred inspector on the payroll?

Are they paying a referring agent an incentive, reward or commission? (It happens!) Will your inspector go through the full discovery process, even if unsupervised? We know we check over 300 items during our assessment even if the house appears like its in good repair.

What happens if they don’t?

Do they have the correct insurances?

5. Conforming to Australian Standards. AS 4349

6. Appropriate experience in building industry.

Beware of people that purchase a job. We always recommend small independent business owners. You know they will go the extra mile to do the right thing”. It is their reputation they guard.

7. Diligent Inspectors

Doing the right thing. Inspectors need to be prepared to conduct an appropriate examination of the site. This will involve getting on the roof, in the roof and under the subfloor without exception. (When safe and access permitting)

8. Inspectors that will stay on site an appropriate amount of time to collect data that will form the basis of a thorough report.

This can range from 1 to 2 hours depending on the size and condition of the house. (2 reports – Property Inspection Report and a Pest Inspections Report ) We often witness inspectors “breezing” through in under 20 minutes claiming they have done a pest and structural assessment!

9. Your Inspector should be easy to reach

Will the inspector be easy to contact, discuss findings and deliver your report within 24 hours of completing the inspection!

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