Stumps subsiding - Floating walls - Termite damage This is a pretty extreme example of stump subsidence. Walls appear to be floating. To add to the buildings woes. the bearers directly underneath had termite damage. Was localised to the area…
Differential Cracking

Differential Cracking infographic

This infographic may help to explain "Differential Cracking"
Cracking of Buildings due to Shrink/Swell in Clay Soils

Cracking of Buildings due to Shrink/Swell in Clay Soils

Cracking of Buildings due to Shrink/Swell in Clay Soils 04-TAGcrackinginBuildings There are many potential causes for cracking and approaches to mitigating the problem.
Settlement Cracking in houses

Cracking in buildings

03-CSIROCrackinginbuildingsCSIRO01   Buildings can and often do move. This movement can be up down, lateral or rotational.  Read this CSIRO publication for a good explanation.

Even dogs need stuff at Bunnings

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Hot Water Overflow

Every now and then I see a builder that pays attention to detail. You need to keep the water from the hot water overflow away from the foundations. It's nearly always better to redirect into the storm water system. Here is a a couple of good…

Make sure you get these 9 things in a pre purchase inspection

Caulking Why is it important?

At every building inspection we look for a water tight seal between wet areas and permeable materials. When the caulking has been done by a professional it makes all the difference. It just looks neat and is a work of art, but must importantly…
Asbestos sheet roof

Asbestos sheet roof

Heres what an asbestos roof sheet looks like. Characterised by large profile corrugations, and a woven material like appearance. Always be sure not to disturb, and you need to be aware of its existence. We found this at a recent job in…